How Can Glam BY Aree Help in Daily Makeup?

Fashion is not just about wearing new clothes, applying the latest makeup, and staying in sync with the current styles. Fashion is about making a statement; Fashion is about expressing your true self with makeup and clothes. Fashion is an art and excellent method of expression.

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. One accentuates the other. At Glam by Aree, we understand that our clients are not looking for someone to just plaster some make up over their faces. We know that our clients want to feel, look, and be their best selves with the help of Fashion and makeup. This is why we think of Fashion as a lifestyle and not a temporary thing.

Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure – it can transform you.” – Francois Nars

We give utmost importance to the elemental role that Fashion plays in enhancing your beauty daily. Every human being is naturally beautiful, but Fashion and daily make up helps us stand out among the crowd. Here are some of the best things you can do daily to accentuate your natural beauty and to highlight your best features:

  • Eyeliner to compliment your eyes
  • Foundation for those blemishes that you have always despised
  • Lipstick that ties together your entire make up
  • Face primer to look healthier and younger

Just remember, not all the latest fashion trends are for everyone. You need to find yourself, find your true makeup inspiration, and then stick to your routine with religious zealousness.

Why Is Daily Makeup Important?

Your daily makeup is the backbone of your overall fashion statement. It not only highlights your best features but helps you carry yourself around in an elegant manner for day-to-day activities. While the rest of the populace struggles to stand out, you shine brightest with your daily makeup. It defines who you are fairly.

A lot of girls often ignore the importance of daily touch up and makeup. We use cosmetics to enhance your appearance. For many centuries, daily makeup has been around and has been widely accepted. The Egyptians were the first known people to be using cosmetics to enhance their beauty. Makeup in those days was simply a matter of coloring the eyes or painting the body.

Nowadays, daily make up plays a significant role for men and women alike. Even men have become more conscious of their looks, fashion adherence, and overall beauty. This is why daily makeup is one of the best and essential parts of our daily routines. It helps us gain confidence by appearing more stunning, gorgeous, and beautiful. So, why not make our days better with daily makeup?

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Daily Makeup?

While everyone wants to look elegant, not everyone understands the ins and outs of the daily make up routine. Some of us overdo it, and some of us barely scratch the surface. Well, if you want to understand the daily makeup routine in-depth, here are some DO’s and Don’ts to get you started:

Do’s of Daily Makeup

Do wear under-eye concealer for amazing eyes
Do use blush on the apples of your cheeks to highlight your sharp features
Do find a taupe or nude eye shadow to enhance their beauty
Do wear a soft, neutral lipstick to use them as a focal point
Do stick with black or brown mascara instead of the colorful ones

Don’ts of Daily Makeup

Don’t go too much lighter than your foundation otherwise you’d look weird
Don’t pack on the bronzer as it darkens the skin
Don’t wear a full Smokey-eye as it seems overdone and too much
Don’t line your lips with a dark pencil as it takes away the charm of a neutral lipstick
Don’t bother wearing heavy, fake lashes as they only make it harder for you to blink

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